Below you’ll find an overview of my services. If you’d like more information on my availability, rate, and project estimates, please reach out to me directly: Thank you!

Everything you need to convert more customers:



  • Branding workshop 
  • Copy style guide (brand values, personality, tone of voice, copy examples, etc)
  • Naming (name options, descriptions, URL options)
  • Tagline

Website copy

  • Content architecture 
  • Full website copy 
  • Individual web pages (homepage, about us, features, etc)
  • Landing page copy
  • Comparison pages
  • SEO pages 
  • Product descriptions
  • Lead capture 
  • A/B testing

Marketing copy

  • Email (new user, transactional, drip, etc)
  • Blog content
  • Video scripts
  • Advertisements
  • Investor deck (layout, copy, editing, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of commonly asked questions; if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out directly:

Q: What are your specialities?

A: Branding and web copywriting for SaaS, product, and eCommerce companies. I also love writing video scripts and email copy.

Q: Do you offer anything else outside your specialties?

A: I offer most forms of copywriting (i.e. – landing page, email, blog, packaging etc), as well as various forms of strategic services.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: I work exclusively with startups and small businesses. I rarely work with agencies or corporations, and never work with recruiters.

Q: What do you charge? 

A: If you’d like to discuss rates and estimates, please email me at

Q: Do you work hourly, project, retainer, etc?

A: I work hourly and/or on retainer.

Q: How much lead time do you need for a project?

A: It depends on how busy I am. I usually like clients to reach out to me as far out as possible (1-4 weeks in advance), but I understand that doesn’t always happen. Regardless of whether or not I’m available, I will let you know within 24 hours of an inquiry. If we’ve worked together in the past, you’ll get priority over new clients.

Q: How long do projects generally take?

A: It depends on the type of project, timeline, etc. If you’d like to discuss these details, please email me:

Q: How do you invoice and which forms of payment do you accept?

A:  I invoice bi-weekly (on the 1st and 15th of the month). I accept wire transfer, check, PayPal, and Stripe. Payments must be received within 3-5 business days after an invoice has been sent.

Q: Do you work with  international clients?

A: Yes! I work with clients in different timezones and in different countries all the time.

Q: Are you okay with signing an NDA?

A: Yes, that’s generally not a problem.

Q: Do I have to provide or sign a contract?

A: I will send you a contract, and yes, we’ll both sign it. If you have your own contract(s), that’s completely fine, but I will also send (and have you sign) mine.



“I hired Annie from the beginning of a very large project. She was specifically hired to do everything from website copy to transactional emails. If there were words to be written, she wrote them. Not only did Annie deliver excellent work, well within our schedule, but she went above and beyond the original ask to extensively research our market and target consumer, ensuring all copy would be compelling to our audience. Best of all, our entire team loved her work, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.” -Spencer Fry, Coach Founder

“I hired Annie to write copy for one of the apps I’m currently developing and am very happy with her work. While she’s a great writer, she’s also great at messaging strategy; she’s currently working on two of my apps to help create copy and simplify all messaging. I would recommend Annie for any app-related project!” -Romain Nouzareth, eWorld Corp Founder

“Not only does Annie have amazing creative skills, she also has a personality that brights up any room. She brings positive energy and smart ideas to every campaign she works on. Annie is a giver. She’ll drop almost anything to help someone with whatever – even if it’s not something she’s interested in. Any team would be extremely lucky to have her on their side.” -Amy Tremmel, Director of Marketing @ The Syndicate

“There are few people in this industry that are as collaborative, culturally aware, organized, timely and intelligent as Ms. Annie Maguire. I was lucky to work with her at 360i and can’t say enough great things about the time we worked together. Looking for a kick-ass writer and all around great gal? Look no further.” -Fitz Mauro, Senior Strategist, 360i

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