Conversion copywriting services

If you’re frustrated with low conversion rates, you may be tempted to update your product or website, but there may be a simpler solution that doesn’t involve development or design time. Many times, improving conversion rates can be as simple as clarifying your current copy, punching up the language, or even rearranging content.

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1. Acquire new paying customers

Get discovered by customers who are searching for your solution, capture leads, and persuade potential customers to pay for your product over a competitor’s.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Search Engine Optimized web pages

✓ Long and short-form sales page copywriting

✓ Conversion-focused website architecture/copy

✓ Comparison pages

✓ Sign-up email sequences (free trial, etc)

✓ Lead magnet creation (free eBooks, online courses, etc)

✓ Webinar deck, landing page copy + email sequences

✓ Affiliate + referral web copy, emails + more

✓ Email / newsletter copywriting

✓ Intercom greetings / pop-up message copy

✓ Video scripts

Ready to capture more leads and convert more customers? Work with me.

2. Retain the customers you have 

Consistently engage and motivate current customers with strategic on-boarding sequences, clear product copy, helpful in-app messages, and valuable educational content.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ New-user on-boarding email sequences

✓ In-app messaging

✓ Product copy

✓ A/B testing

✓ Free content (blog, products, etc)

✓ Webinar deck, landing page copy + email sequences

Ready to engage your current customers? Work with me.

3. Test new ideas and features

Experiment with new copy / product positioning, and launch new features confidently, from beta to release.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Landing page copy

✓ In-app / product copy

✓ Push notifications

✓ New feature announcements

✓ A/B testing

Ready to start testing new ideas and features? Work with me.

4. Expansion revenue

Earn more money by learning what your customers want and how to deliver it to them in ways that will motivate them to buy.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Up-selling tactics

✓ Plan / product positioning

Ready to up-sell your customers and earn more money? Work with me.

“Great at messaging strategy”

“I hired Annie to write copy for one of the apps I’m currently developing and am very happy with her work. While she’s a great writer, she’s also great at messaging strategy; she’s currently working on two of my apps to help create copy and simplify all messaging. I would recommend Annie for any app-related project!”

-Romain Nouzareth, Founder of eWorld Corp.

Branding services

Whether you’re launching a new product or you’ve been around for a bit, you can use branding to make your company and products stand out. My approach blends strategy and creative to build brands that will not only attract customers, but persuade them to purchase.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Work with me.

1. Name your business

Make your mark on the world with a unique brand name that helps you get noticed by customers and competitors alike. Naming sessions begin with a custom branding questionnaire, and typically include 1-3 rounds of names, creative directions, and URL options.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Custom branding questionnaire

✓ Name conception (3+ options)

✓ Creative direction and ideas for each option

✓ URL options

Ready to give your business a one-of-a-kind name? Work with me.

2. Tagline creation 

Create context around your brand and give customers a reason to remember your name with a catchy tagline they’ll never forget. Tagline sessions begin with a custom branding questionnaire, and typically include 3-5+ options and creative directions.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Custom branding questionnaire

✓ Tagline conception (5+ options)

✓ Creative direction and ideas for each option

Ready to create a catchy tagline for your business? Work with me.

3. Copy style guide

Get a clearer picture of your brand and how you communicate with customers with a custom copy style guide. Copy style guides are ideal for new or existing companies who want feel confident when writing for their brand, or while on-boarding new employees and contractors.

✓ Customer / competitor research

✓ Custom branding questionnaire

✓ Brand: purpose (mission), positioning, values, role

✓ Personality: attributes, tone of voice, muses

✓ Writing guidelines: words + phrases you do/don’t use, and a set of writing rules

Ready to feel confident while communicating with your customers and employees? Work with me.

“Even years later, we still refer to our brand guidelines”

“Annie helped us on everything from solidifying our name, tagline, and packaging, to writing our web, email, and social copy. Even years later, we still refer to the brand guidelines she created for us, using them as our guiding light for all marketing projects. On a more personal level, I also worked with Annie on my eBook, which thanks to her help, will be launching very soon!”

-John McGarvey, Founder, DAO Labs

Capture and convert more customers

Forget changing your product, designs, or hiring some fancy marketing agency. Work with me to update your copy with conversion-focused techniques, and I guarantee you’ll capture and convert more customers.