Let’s work together

I’m sure we’d make a great team, but before we get in too deep, here’s a few things you should know:

I’m a good fit for you if…

✓ You’re a new startup looking to launch

✓ You’re an established company, but need to grow faster

✓ Your current copy is holding your back

✓ You’re trying to reach a new type of customer

✓ You’re pivoting and need a copy refresh

✓ You’re profitable, VC funded, or have a budget of $2k+


I’m NOT a good fit for you if…

✗ You don’t understand the value of good copywriting

✗ Your project timeline is “yesterday”

✗ You’re trying to “outwrite” a bad product

✗ You want to deceive or trick customers

✗ You’re looking for high-quality work at a bargain rate

✗ Your budget is less than $2k


If you’re confident that we’ll make a great team, email me directly: annie1maguire@gmail.com.

How we’ll work together

Learn more about my process and what you can expect while working with me.

Step 1: Send an inquiry

Let me know you’re interested in working together by emailing me directly: annie1maguire@gmail.com. Please include: project details, timeline, and budget.


Step 2: Scope and estimate

If I believe that I’m the right person for the job, I’ll send you a scope and estimate which will outline the deliverables, as well as estimates on timeline and budget.


Step 3: Contracts signed

Once we come to an agreement, I’ll send you a contract to sign and you can send me any paperwork you’d like me to sign (i.e. – contract, NDA, etc). Once the contract(s) is signed, we can begin the project.


Step 4: Project kickoff / Discovery

Depending on your project, this discovery phase may vary, but I typically begin with sending you a custom questionnaire that helps me (and you!) get a clearer understanding of who your brand is, key messaging points, customer data, and more.


Step 5: Writing begins

Once the discovery phase is complete (typically 1-2 weeks), I’ll start on whatever work your project entails. During this process (especially in the beginning), I’ll be checking in frequently to ask questions and get feedback, ensuring the work is on point both for you and your customers.


Step 6: Revisions, testing, and more

Just like a SaaS product, writing, too, is iterative. This means getting everything right may take more than one round, edits, A/B testing, and more. Outside of revisions and edits, I’m also available for weekly and monthly retainers.


If you’re confident that we’ll make a great team, email me directly: annie1maguire@gmail.com.

Things you probably want to know

Below is information regarding rates, payments, contracts, and more. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to me directly: annie1maguire@gmail.com.

Project minimum

My project minimum is $2,000 and most of my projects are in the $5-10k+ range. I sometimes make exceptions for solo or female entrepreneurs who are operating on smaller budgets, but that is rare. 



I quote on a per project basis based on your individual needs. This means I’ll send you a scope that outlines your project, the deliverables, and an estimate for how many hours each deliverable will require. You will also see  a “Total hours estimate” to give you a clear idea of how much the project will cost.


Hourly, project, or retainer?

I work hourly and on retainer. Every project is scoped out and estimated in terms of hours; for a single project, I’ll tell you how many hours it’s going to take and the costs associated. For a retainer project, we’ll decide on a set number of hours per week (or month) that we’ll work together; a common retainer for me is 10 hours per week or more.



I accept check, wire transfer, PayPal, and Stripe. I invoice bi-weekly (on the 1st and the 15th) and payments must be received within 3-5 business days, no exceptions.


Availability + Timing 

While I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available to take on your project, I’ll always let you know within 24 hours. If you have more timing-related questions, please refer to the “process” section above for more information.



If we work together, I’ll send you my project contract to sign. If you have any documentation you’d like me to sign (contracts, NDA, etc), I’m happy to do so.


Past clients

While I specialize in SaaS, I’ve also worked with a variety of corporations, startups, apps, and small businesses. Some of my past clients include: Samsung, USA Network, Universal Studios, Smirnoff, Guinness, NYX Cosmetics, Beyoncé (seriously), StartupThreads, Minnow+Mars, Two Trees New York, Under Armour, and many more.


Examples of past work

Interested in seeing some of my past or current work? Please reach out directly, so I can ensure you’re seeing the most current and relevant work for your project: annie1maguire@gmail.com.


If you’re confident that we’ll make a great team, email me directly: annie1maguire@gmail.com.