4 Reasons to hire me

The TLDR version for why you want me on your team. Already convinced? Work with me.

✓ Focused on SaaS

I’ve spent the last few years helping SaaS companies clarify complex products, capture leads with persuasive copy, and grow from zero to thousands of paying customers.

✓ Qualified and experienced

I have 7+ years of online copywriting and strategic experience, working with Fortune 500 companies, startups, agencies, and small businesses. I also have a weekly newsletter, offer several free/paid copywriting products, and have taught courses at Miami Ad School.

✓ Data driven

My first job was capturing and analyzing data for companies like USA Network, Diageo, Estée Lauder, Universal Pictures, Visa, and more. This means I not only understand data, but use it to inform and test everything I write.

✓ Motivated to make you money

Whether I’m designing your website architecture, writing your website copy, or creating your next drip email campaign, my goal is always the same: use words to make you more money.


Do I sound like the SaaS copywriter you’ve been searching for?

Work with me.

"If she's available, stop looking."

“Annie is one of those gems who can dive in, add tremendous value, and be an absolute pleasure to work with — all at the same time. She also took the initiative to dive deeply into research on the topics, so when it came time for me to review, I usually had little or no feedback at all. It was ready to go! If she’s available for your project, stop looking. You’ve found a gem.”

-CJ de Heer, Founder, Surf City Apps

"Positive energy and smart ideas"

“Not only does Annie have amazing creative skills, she also has a personality that brightens up any room. She brings positive energy and smart ideas to every campaign she works on. Annie is a giver. She’ll drop almost anything to help someone with whatever. Any team would be extremely lucky to have her on their side.”

-Amy Tremmel, Director of Marketing, The Syndicate


Forget changing your product, designs, or hiring some fancy marketing agency. Work with me to update your copy with conversion-focused techniques, and I guarantee you’ll capture and convert more customers.