Landing Page Copywriting

Whether you want existing customers to buy a new product, cold leads to sign up for a lead magnet, or something in between, a targeted landing page can help you get there.

What’s included in a landing page project

On top of getting a landing page that’s built to make you money, you’ll get a clearer picture who your audience is and how to communicate with them more effectively on your website, in emails, and more.

How I’m different from those “other” copywriters you may be considering

I’m not a “wordsmith” and I don’t just fill in placeholder text. I’m a strategic partner who uses data and customer insights to sell your product in a clearer, more effective way.

Strategy before copy

Effective copy starts with a clearly defined goal, one specific offer, and a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach.

Driven by data and research

Understanding how your audience thinks, behaves, and communicates is what makes the difference between mediocre copy and copy that puts money in your pocket.